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lawn care services for an unhealthy lawn

  A healthy lawn is green, thick, and cool, and it invites you to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on it. It’s where you teach your son how to throw a curveball or your daughter how to kick a soccer ball. A beautiful lawn shows you have pride in your home and community.…

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Winter Gardening Tips

  As cold weather sets in and our minds begin to buzz about the upcoming holiday season, it’s time to prepare your lawn and garden for the winter. As the growing season closes, it’s time to put up the garden tools and watering cans until next year and get your yard ready to “sleep” through…

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Pacific Northwest Lawn-Care

Aerate compacted soil: Most lawns have trouble growing in compacted soil (many weeds, unfortunately, thrive in it). If you need to or want to aerate, do so in spring — when your grass is actively growing.

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