lawn care services for an unhealthy lawn



A healthy lawn is green, thick, and cool, and it invites you to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on it. It’s where you teach your son how to throw a curveball or your daughter how to kick a soccer ball. A beautiful lawn shows you have pride in your home and community.

If you neglect your lawn and don’t have a solid lawn care service plan, weeds can outcompete the lush, soft grass. Disease or lawn damaging insects can cause your grass to become thin and create bare spots that spread.

Don’t take your lawn’s health for granted. You’ll miss out on the sense of pride that comes with having a lawn you love. You also won’t reap the environmental benefits that a healthy, green lawn provides. Did you know:


  • Grass cools surrounding areas. As much as 50% of heat striking a turf area is eliminated by a process called ‘transpiration’ in which plants cool themselves. So in essence, your grass acts like a miniature air conditioner.
  • A healthy lawn prevents water runoff and encourages growth of beneficial organisms, such as earthworms, soil microbes and useful insects.
  • Lawns serve as air filters and collect dust and dirt, trapping 12 million tons annually in the U.S.
  • Lawns pull in greenhouse gases as they grow and reduce carbon dioxide caused by burning fossil fuels.

These are but a few of excellent reasons why, when things start to get out of control in your lawn, it’s time to upgrade your lawn care maintenance. Unless you’re a committed (and very knowledgeable) do-it-yourselfer, the best way to bring your lawn back to health is to seek the help of a professional lawn care services company. And not just any lawn care company either. Start with the industry leader, Superior Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping®.

The experts at Superior Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping offer a scientific approach to lawn care service. Getting your lawn back into shape includes getting it the proper nutrition in the form of fertilizer—the right kinds, in the right amounts and at the right times. And, in many cases, it also requires technical lawn care services, such as weed, lawn damaging insect and disease control. Depending upon your lawn’s condition, it may also greatly benefit from aeration and overseeding.

Why entrust this to just any lawn care services company when you can count on Superior Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping, the best lawn care service, which offers a range of science-based lawn plans designed to give your lawn the right help at the right time throughout the year? Your lawn is unique, and it has specific needs that must be met for it to thrive.

When you make the decision to bring the unhealthy grass on your lawn back to vibrant health, you’re on the right track to improving the appearance of your property, providing you and your family with a great place to relax and play, and making a positive impact on the environment.

Superior Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping backs its work with our Guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that a specialist will return to your property as often as needed to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.


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